Commission approves Hawaii County salary increases

Commission approves Hawaii County salary increases

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - Hawaii County elected officials are in line for a pay increase thanks to the county Salary Commission.

West Hawaii Today reports the commission voted unanimously Thursday to increase the salaries of top officials.

The commission approved a 20.9 percent raise for Mayor Billy Kenoi, increasing his pay by $22,848 to $132,000. Kenoi has said he doesn't want a raise and will give it to the United Way.

Council Chairman J Yoshimoto is in line for an 11.5 percent raise, increasing his salary to $58,008.

Other council members will get 8.3 percent raises and salaries of $52,008.

Yoshimoto says serving on the council is a full-time job and that a raise is not a bad idea.

The pay of Managing Director Wally Lau was raised by $15,060 to $119,004.

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