Maui veterinarian says cat virus tough to stop

Maui veterinarian says cat virus tough to stop

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - The Maui Humane Society's top veterinarian says there's no way to contain a deadly cat virus that has hit eight felines on the island since May.

The Maui News reported Thursday that the latest case of feline panleukopenia was confirmed in a cat from populated central Maui.

Director of Veterinary Service Miyo Miyasaki-Kim of the Maui Humane Society says the case in the highly populated area means that there's no way to contain the virus.

She says the first three confirmed cases were in an isolated area, but hopes to contain it were a long shot.

The virus that can lead to death attacks white blood cells. Animals spread it thorugh direct contact or contact with contaminated food dishes, bedding or people who have treated infected cats.

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