Volunteers continue the search for a missing teenager

Volunteers continue the search for a missing teenager
Dolly Vierra
Dolly Vierra

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Missing person posters hang in store windows in Waianae, reminders that Richard Kalani Vierra hasn't been seen since Saturday.

The last contact his mother had with him was during a cell phone call a few hours into Vierra's solo hike on the Kamaileunu mountain ridge.

"He said, ' I'm coming down I'm coming down. ' He might be hurt but he's up there somewhere," Dolly Vierra said.

Honolulu firefighters suspended their search Tuesday after four days of scouring the mountains. Vieira's friends vow to keep looking for the 15-year-old. Teammates on his jiu jitsu club have been searching since Saturday night.

"As soon as we found out on Saturday that he was missing, we all started looking already. He is one of us. He is like family to us. He is always here with us," said Lynn Mitchell of 808 Gracie Fighters.

Vieira is an eleventh grader at Kamaile Academy Public Charter school. School staffers are also volunteering to climb the mountain.

"It's tough because we want to have a good outcome. I know the helicopter has been flying where they can see. So I say the places to look are where the helicopter can't see , anywhere where there is tree coverage or where he could be covered up," associate principal Paul Kepka said.

Vieira is in an A student and an only child. His mother says he is strong in his Mormon faith, a bit headstrong but responsible

" I want him home. I'm not going to be angry with him. I'm just going to love him. We've got a good relationship. I want that to continue. By the grace of God come home," she said.

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