Abercrombie vetoes 7 bills from Hawaii Legislature

Abercrombie vetoes 7 bills from Hawaii Legislature

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has vetoed seven bills from the Hawaii Legislature, disagreeing with lawmakers on issues of tourism, funds and crime victims.

One of the vetoes announced Tuesday stops the Hawaii Tourism Authority from being permanently exempt from state comptroller oversight. Abercrombie says that would take away checks and balances that help make the agency transparent.

Another veto stops the repeal of several funds, including the Center for Labor Education and Research revolving fund. Abercrombie says he thinks the center should use the funds rather than the money being used for general purposes.

Abercrombie also vetoed a bill that would have given crime victims a process for restorative justice. Abercrombie says he agrees with the concept but doesn't think the bill gives adequate protection for victims.

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