Emotions explode in Palolo over dog's living situation

Emotions explode in Palolo over dog's living situation
Michael Auld
Michael Auld

PALOLO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Animal lovers confront a man in Palolo on Monday who keeps his dog in a junked out van.

The pet owner’s neighbors call it animal cruelty. But the owner says he is following the law and the Hawaiian Humane Society says the owner is right.

"She's healthy, she's happy. We take her to the Humane Society Dog Park. We take her to the beach, we do all kine stuff with her. It's not like we live her in there 24/7. There's no way, I would never do that to my dog," said Michael Auld.

The Hawaiian Humane Society said inspectors found no violations at that improvised kennel.

Auld’s dog “Princess” lives in his old van under a tree in an abandoned church parking lot. But neighbors say until a few days ago, that van was parked in the sun with the windows rolled almost all the way up and the dog was living in its own filth.

"The smell was so rich that the dogs eyes were just squinting it was like ammonia," said Lisa Grose.

Grose complained about the dog's situation on Facebook and that attracted some animal lovers.

Emotions exploded between them Monday afternoon.

"It's not an f--- kennel! It's an f--- van!" shouted one woman.

"Put on an f--- fur! Sit in the f--- the car in the f--- sun and you can see how f--- hot she is!"

"I don't care about you! I do not care about you! I care about this dog!"

"My aunty gave me this dog before she f--- died! You think I going give her up? F--- you guys!" the owner screamed back.

Auld said he made changes to the dog's living quarters after the neighbors' complaints prompted a visit from animal inspectors.

"We tried to give her more air flow by taking out the windows putting in fencing so there's more air going inside. There's a palette in there now and it's flat. There's no openings inside where feet can go inside," Auld said.

The Hawaiian Humane Society said Auld is in compliance with the law which says: An area of confinement that has adequate space necessary for the health of the animal and is kept reasonably clean and free from excess waste or other contaminants that could affect the animal's health.

It may be legal. But the animal lovers say it's not right.

"Hawaii needs stricter laws about animal cruelty and animal rights and things like that. We have to catch up with the mainland. We don't have anything to help the animals out," said Kimo.

"If you can't care for a dog then you should give it up for adoption and find it a better home," Naomi said.

"I feel very bombarded. Like I said, I don't know what else to do but you can't please everyone. But as long as I'm in compliance with the law and my dogs not gonna be taken away, I'm gonna do whatever I can to keep my dog," Auld said.

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