EXCLUSIVE: Mother of teen murder suspect speaks

EXCLUSIVE: Mother of teen murder suspect speaks
Boy's biological mother says her son needed help
Boy's biological mother says her son needed help

WAIMANALO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We're learning more about the 16-year-old boy accused of killing his foster mom in Waimanalo Saturday morning.

In an exclusive interview, the boy's biological mother talked to Hawaii News Now about her son's dark family history.

Since the suspect is a juvenile, we're not revealing his name and we're concealing his biological mother's identity.

The boy's mom and aunty said he comes from a family haunted by Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia and they do believe the stabbing could have been prevented.

His birth mother pleaded for mercy and forgiveness for not being there for her son.

"I was always here. I've been here since day one. I've thought of you every day…you and your brother. And I carry a picture of both of you in my purse every day," she said as tears raced down her cheeks.

When she found out her son was arrested for allegedly killing his foster mom, Jolyn Kipapa, on Saturday, she said a sense of shock took over her.

"It was like a dream. I didn't know how to take it. I was shocked that this quiet boy had done this. I don't believe that this was happening," she said.

She said given her family history, she had a feeling this was bound to happen.

“He has a condition that is passed along through his family on his father’s side…Schizophrenic…Bipolar. The dad has been locked up many times, his sister has been institutionalized.”

The sister is the boy's aunty. She said the diseases can’t be controlled.

"It's like when we get upset; nothing or no one can stop what's going on. Our bodies just start shaking and you just black out. You really don't know what's going on until it's too late," said the aunty.

Both of them send their condolences to the Kipapa family but don't believe the 16-year-old boy should be locked up. They said he needs help.

"I'm here and I want you to talk. How your life was in that house, I don't know how it was. But if something went wrong, please please say something," said his mother.

The teen is being held at the juvenile detention facility in Kapolei.

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