Retired federal agent Sam Puletasi strives for economic recovery in Hawaii

Sam Puletasi Interview on Hawaii News Now

In a one-on-one interview with Keahi Tucker on Hawaii News Now, Sam Puletasi, a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, said if he's elected, his primary focus would be on developing solutions for improving Hawaii's economy.

"Right now, we've got so many problems out there," he said. "Even if we come up with affordable housing, shelter, what not, there's all kinds of underlying causes of the problem. We need to determine and solve it."

In 2001, Puletasi was forced to retire as a federal agent with Immigration And Naturalization Services after he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, an illness that some thought Franklin D. Roosevelt had. But he said both his personal and professional backgrounds inspired him to run for lieutenant governor.

"I feel I paid my dues," he said. "Time for me to step in and be part of the political process and be able to entertain whatever I can share for the community and benefit for the whole state of Hawaii."

When asked if his primary goals are to allow a state lottery to raise revenues and legalize recreational marijuana, Puletasi said he would look at attacking all issues from a money perspective by working with others.

"We gotta let the people of Hawaii know that whatever we do, do not discriminate," he said. "Just get the job done and move forward and be happy. That's how the Aloha spirit will work better for everybody."

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