Abercrombie, Ige trade jabs on budget, health care

Abercrombie, Ige trade jabs on budget, health care


Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Gov. Neil Abercrombie and state Sen. David Ige traded jabs on the $12 billion state budget and Hawaii's embattled health exchange in a Democratic primary debate for governor.

Abercrombie says Ige was unable to add correctly when the Legislature passed a budget that didn't match its bond authorization bill. Ige says Abercrombie should have tried to exempt Hawaii right away from President Barack Obama's federal health care overhaul.

The intraparty rivals highlighted tensions between the legislative and executive branches of state government.

Ige says he's running to try to restore trust in government with a collaborative style. Abercrombie says his top priority for a second term would be pushing for public preschool.

The contenders debated Thursday night on "PBS Insights," a televised one-hour roundtable with an informal format.

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