To-be revelers prepare for Ala Moana's 4th of July festivities

To-be revelers prepare for Ala Moana's 4th of July festivities

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As families set up their spreads for the Fourth of July at Ala Moana Beach Park, Sherry Souza of J & M Displays West is putting the finishing touches on the 23rd annual  extravaganza.

Souza said, "we're not done. we have thousands of effects and we're still loading them."

55 thousand people are expected to pack the park to see the State's largest show. This year, it will cover even more ground.

Souza explained some changes, including the first effects over land. "Normally we start with center position and   this year, we've made the outside points the focal point and will accent with the center part. We're going to angle the shells out farther so the show is going to cover more of the sky."

Keep in mind, there are thousands fewer parking spots available with construction happening at Ala Moana Center. Robyn Gee Tucker from Ala Moana said, "There's also alternate parking available. Where Shokudo is, there's free parking. The Convention Center is also offering parking. 10 dollars per vehicle."

The park is normally closed from 10pm until 4am, but the City will allow canopies overnight with two people staying at the site. Tents, alcohol, fireworks and animals are prohibited.

Prime spots were gone early.

"Lucky to get this spot" said Dale Okumura. "Any place nice at this beach anyway. Glad to get a spot."

Starr Payton said, "We actually stayed up all night and set up everything. It's part of the tradition you know, we come every year."

A family tradition, that the fireworks pros say will be worth every minute. Souza added, "We've got 12 minutes to make this right and we're going to do that."

Per city rules, all cars must be out by 10pm July 3rd. No overnight parking allowed. For eager early risers, the lot will open at 4am.

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