Kauai mulls how to reduce feral cat population

Kauai mulls how to reduce feral cat population

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - Kauai is considering how to reduce a feral cat population blamed for killing threatened native seabirds.

The Garden Island newspaper reports potential measures include prohibiting the feeding and sheltering of cats on county-owned or managed properties. Other proposals would strengthen current cat licensing laws and create a free, county-funded spay or neuter program.

An 11-member Feral Cat Task Force compiled the proposals. The group recommended that the island have zero feral, abandoned and stray cats by 2025.

Mayor Bernard Carvalho's administration will consider the ideas while drafting legislation to reduce the feral cat population.

Cats are a major threat to Kauai's native seabirds, whose populations are declining.

Officials last week released video showing cats pulling a Newell's Shearwater and a Hawaiian Petrel out of burrows and killing the birds.

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