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Sunken boat under investigation off New Haven coast

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Dive team members spent Thursday morning in the water after a boat sunk off the coast of New Haven.

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard said the 29-foot vessel was discovered near Lighthouse Point around 7 a.m.

Based on the amount of marine growth on the boat spotted by divers, police said they believe it's been in the water for a while.

However, they're not sure when the boat sank or if anyone was on board.

It was anchored when crews discovered it Thursday morning, so divers went underwater to check it out.

"They conducted a visual inspection, surrounded the boat and that's as far as they went," said New Haven police Lt. Tony Reyes. "They didn't open any cabins, any doors. They did not see anything inside."

Investigators were looking to locate the boat's owner. They are trying to determine if someone just abandoned the boat or if someone is missing.

Crews did notice an oil sheen so the officials with Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection were notified. Sea tow was called in to remove oil tanks, batteries or any other hazardous items before they could tow the boat away.

According to the Coast Guard, the boat was originally registered in Rhode Island, but was repossessed. It was later sold by a boatyard in New York, but the Coast Guard said it's not sure who bought it.

"The thought is someone could have been inside the boat, that's what we're ruling out," Reyes said. "It's certainly possible someone could have abandoned the boat and at this point we're just making sure no one is in the boat and we've ruled that out before we follow up with any other investigations."

The plan is to eventually remove the boat from the water and then police and the Coast Guard can continue their investigation.

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