Elwin Ahu seeks re-establishment of people's trust in government

Elwin Ahu Interview on Hawaii News Now
Keahi Tucker interviews Elwin Ahu
Keahi Tucker interviews Elwin Ahu

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Witnessing a disregard for the people's voices as the same-sex marriage special session unfolded last year, Elwin Ahu, a senior pastor at New Hope Metro, said Wednesday if he's elected lieutenant governor, he will aim to re-establish and restore the people's trust in government.

"Everywhere we've gone, people have all expressed the same sentiment, that they're tired of the same leaders not listening to them," Ahu said. "How do we restore trust? I think it takes change, change in leadership."

Prior to becoming the pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in 2000, Ahu, a Republican, served as a lawyer in Hawaii for about 15 years and a judge for 5 years. He said his experience would help propel him in the lieutenant governor's office.

"I think the judgeship really helped me to understand how the law applies to people and how to make decisions," he said. "Judges need to be trained how to gain the trust from people."

At the same time, Ahu said during a live interview on Hawaii News Now, the lieutenant governor must be able to support the governor while being a strong leader. Being a pastor has equipped him with the tools that will enable him to achieve that.

"The lieutenant governor has to be in line with the governor, and I see it as a complementary leadership style, not one who's contradictory, not one who will compete with the governor, but one who will complement the governor, and I have experience with that," Ahu said, noting that he and former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona -- a Republican now running for governor -- have similar backgrounds.

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