Clayton Hee highlights proactive career as tool for lieutenant governor seat

Clayton Hee Interview on Hawaii News Now
State Senator Clayton Hee & Tannya Joaquin
State Senator Clayton Hee & Tannya Joaquin

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Known for introducing several bills in the state Legislature, including one that would raise Hawaii's minimum wage, Democratic Sen. Clayton Hee says his career demonstrates the kind of proactive nature needed in the lieutenant governor's office.

"I believe the lieutenant governor's office should do so much more for the kinds of money that the taxpayers spend to set up the office with the security," Hee said during an interview on Hawaii News Now. "In today's world with so many issues confronting our government, like homelessness for example, the lieutenant governor's office can do so much more than be a third leg on a stool, if you will."

Hee's 28-year career as an elected official chronicles his time serving in the state House of Representatives, state Senate and Office of Hawaiian Affairs. In addition to the minimum wage hike bill, Hee was also responsible for passage of a bill calling for tougher animal cruelty laws as well as one banning the possession, trade and sale of shark fins in Hawaii.

"Those are bills that I authored...but for being effective and able to work with others, those bills would not be law today," he said.

Hee's biggest priorities include homelessness, Native Hawaiian rights, the Hawaii State Hospital and marriage equality. In the interview, Hee also said he would focus on fighting off invasive species in Hawaii.

"I think the lieutenant governor's office, if I were involved, would try to do things in that genre where issues are important and issues need to be addressed publicly and, you know, as opposed to pushing paper," he said.

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