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Local RedLine Garage Cabinets Dealer Gives Tiny Staten Island Garage A Makeover

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Global Garage of Central New Jersey recently helped a Staten Island resident design and install new garage cabinets, garage flooring, and other storage systems for their small garage. With the help of RedLine garagegear, the Global Garage team was able to successfully complete this challenging project.

July 1, 2014 /MM-prReach/ —

A garage can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And no matter how big or small the garage is, it still needs some sort of system for organizing all the stuff being stored there.

A Staten Island, NY homeowner recently recognized the need for a storage solution in their small 200 square foot garage. Knowing it would be a difficult task to complete without the proper guidance and experience of a professional, they turned to the experts at Global Garage of Central New Jersey for help.

“Our customer really wanted to maximize the available storage space in the garage without sacrificing on quality or aesthetics,” said Global Garage of Central New Jersey owner, Michael Iannuccilli. “We collaborated closely with the homeowner to develop a solution that took advantage of the storage space; while still leaving room to move around in the area or even park a vehicle inside.”

Global Garage of Central New Jersey offers full service design and installation for RedLine garagegear garage cabinets, polyaspartic garage flooring, and other home storage systems. The company has helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the local area organize their garages. This project was by far the smallest area they have organized.

Despite being only 200 square feet, Michael and his team were still able to add a number of solutions to the garage. It features an 81” garage workbench area and garage cabinets; as well as 16′ of slat wall panels and accessories. A Global Garage ‘Brook Trout Chip’ polyaspartic floor coating was also installed.

RedLine garagegear is a South Beloit, IL based manufacturer; offering garage cabinets, slat wall, and a variety of other storage solutions for organizing the garage. Global Garage of Central New Jersey is just one of RedLine’s local authorized agents. Approximately 100 local businesses established in communities throughout the United States and Canada offer RedLine garagegear products to area homeowners.

RedLine garagegear offers local business owners and entrepreneurs a garage business opportunity unlike any of the franchise options available. Authorized RedLine agents do not have to pay huge franchise or royalty fees; are given protected territories; receive software for creating designs and cost quotes; and many other benefits. More information on becoming an authorized RedLine agent can be found at: www.RedLineGaragegear.com/Opportunities.

To get all the details on the small garage makeover completed by Global Garage of Central New Jersey, check out the small garage blog post.

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