Local Connection: Jun Yang on Homelessness

By: Jun Yang (Executive Director of Mayor Caldwell's Office of Housing)

Homelessness has reached a crisis point on Oahu and Mayor Caldwell is working with City Council, the state, service providers, and businesses to take action.

The centerpiece of Mayor Caldwell's approach is Housing First, a nationally recognized best practice that is proven to take the most visible and vulnerable people off of the streets and place them into permanent supportive housing.

Funding for Housing First will be available next week.  We ask property owners and developers to work with the city as we find homes for these members of our community.  We also ask for the support of the public to welcome this population out of the shadows and into our buildings and neighborhoods.

Homelessness is a complex issue that touches us all, and it will take all of us working together to turn the tide.  Mayor Caldwell and the city are committed to make an immediate and lasting impact, and ask for the support of the entire community.  We can do this.

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