UH Athletics in need of paint and donations

Rome was not built in a day but it was definitely constructed with more hands than those available to giving a facelift to the University of Hawaii athletic department.

The latest project in Manoa will literally be done brick-by-brick.

The target -- none other than Les Murakami stadium. In a perfect world, UH would have between $200-500 thousand to renovate the entire locker room.

In reality, the University will give the Les it's first fresh paint job in a decade by just focusing on the outer corridors.

The job's going to take 100-gallons of green-and-white paint, so -- instead of breaking into the budget that is already projected to by $4-million over its alotted $30-million -- Jay has sought public donations from local companies.

"Our locker room situation is a recruiting nightmare." says Jay.

"Again it goes back to what impacts the recruits decision when they come to visit, when their parents come with them to go take a look at our situation and it's the kind of thing that we want to make sure that we're leaving a good impression with them."

As for the labor, Jay says he may rely on volunteers.

That's just the first of a handful of other projects in the works. Jay also plans on renovating Klum gym, turning the campus' oldest sporting structure into a workout facility, and the Rainbow Wahine softball stadium where stadium lighting and an additional paint job are just part of a laundry list of problems. He also wants to replace the track at T.C. Ching field.

There has been no time table set to complete all the projects.