Hawaii can't prove wrongdoing by hunting TV show

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - Hawaii officials investigating a History channel television show called "American Jungle" are unable to prove any laws were violated during filming.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources began investigating after an episode raised concerns that unpermitted hunting was taking place on state land.

West Hawaii Today reports the department said Thursday the investigation wasn't able to prove that producers filmed on state land or if any marine or wildlife laws were violated.

The show depicts "clans" fighting over access to territorial hunting grounds and using knives and spears to take down prey.

DLNR Chairman William Aila and Gov. Neil Abercrombie have criticized how the show portrays hunting in Hawaii.

"American Jungle" creator T'Jaye Forsythe says the state's investigation disrupted discussions about the show's future.

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