Honolulu man fighting rare form of melanoma

Honolulu man fighting rare form of melanoma

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A rap video posted on YouTube by Marcus Reimel is as light hearted as it is serious. It's the soundtrack for his present situation.

"We thought to catch up with our friends and family, that would be a neat way to do it. A little different than just reading a blog or something," he said.

In 2012 the professional videographer began having frequent nose bleeds. He noticed a growth in his left nostril. A surgeon took it out.

"He gave me the diagnosis that it was cancer. I was just shocked," Reimel said.

Marcus has a very rare and aggressive cancer called Mucosal Melanoma.

"Mucosal Melanoma occurs within the internal lining of the body cavity, for example within the nasal cavity, oral cavity, intestinal lining. And it's not related to sun exposure," said Dr. Shane Morita of The Queen's Cancer Center.

The disease is found in less than one percent of melanoma cases. In March, Marcus had a full body scan. The cancer had spread.

"The doctors found a lump in my neck. So there's some tumors growing there. Now we need to treat those," he said.

The Reimel's are treating this as a personal challenge. The stats for surviving Mucosal Melanoma are stacked in cancer's favor.

"The stuff I've seen on line, it's just not very good," Reimel said. "We hope to prove them wrong."

Marcus's case is a reminder that melanoma can affect parts of the body not prone to high sun exposure. It reminds us early detection is extremely important.

"It's important for people to keep an eye on their body and just get it checked out with a doctor. Make sure you're aware of it," he said.

The Reimels are trying to maintain a normal life in the midst of mounting medical bills.

"I'm going to the doctors two or three times a week. Those bills just add up quickly. It's not easy," he said.

Marcus's "Cancervive" video is an upbeat tongue-in-cheek rap written by his wife, Noreen, and features a quick cameo by the couple's three sons. It's their outlet against Mucosal Melanoma and a rallying cry.

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