Crime starts in HawaiiNewsNow building

Crime starts in HawaiiNewsNow building

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We often go where the news takes us, but today the crime began in our building and led to an all-out foot chase. Honolulu Police officers swarmed to the station and the police helicopter was looking from above for an alleged purse snatcher caught right across the street from us.

This guy is walking slowly now that he is in handcuffs, but he was running a lot faster this morning when he allegedly led a bunch of people on a foot chase. It started with this janitor's supply closet that happens to be located on the third floor of our TV station's building.

"The door is open, the light is very dark. After that I looked in my bag and then no more my money or my wallet and then wait wait," said the victim, who requested to be anonymous.

She saw the guy going to the stairwell and she gave chase all the way out of our building.

"I am scared with all my body," said the victim.

"'Stop him!' She was yelling, 'stop him he stole my wallet.' So we all ran after the kid," said Maurice Aguilar, a witness who was painting the building across the street.

The painters joined the chase. The suspect ran up what we at the station call doo doo alley because homeless use it for things other than walking. Then he ran through the Office Depot store and out the back door.

"We chased him through the back of the store too. I wasn't sure if I was going to get busted or not but all the workers chased him too so I figured oh wells," said Aguilar.

With even more people chasing him the guy ducked into this parking lot on Kalani Street and was hiding in a car. That's when he was found and place under arrest concluding a tiring morning.

"Pretty crazy because that's the first time I've had to sprint in like two years. So I got tired and caught cramps," laughed Aguilar.

The wallet was unfortunately not found. Besides the cramps and side pains from running no one was injured.

The suspect hid from the camera as he sat in the back of the police car. A word of advice for suspects, if you don't want your picture taken don't commit crimes in TV stations.

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