Harry B. Soria Celebrates 35 years of "Territorial Waves"

Harry B. Soria Celebrates 35 years of "Territorial Waves"

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You may have heard vintage Hawaiian music playing on his show "Territorial Waves," and after 35 years, Harry B. Soria is a third generation radio DJ.

For three generations, the Soria men have been a part of Hawaii's airwaves, and there have been Soria's in island radio for most of its 90 years, being dubbed, "The First Family of Hawaii Radio."

Harry B. Soria has an ongoing mission with "Territorial Waves" to preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian Music and strives to be the communities source for the history of Hawaiian music.

Dan Cooke spoke with Soria to learn more and look back on the past 35 years as one of Hawaii's beloved radio hosts.

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