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COPY-Kids served dog treats for snack at PA school

NEW HANOVER, PA (KYW/CNN) - About 75 elementary school children were served dog treats during recess last week.

On Friday, school officials at New Hanover-Upper Frederick Elementary told parents what happened. According to them, a part-time aide gave kids what they thought was a normal cookie but instead was something not fit for human consumption.

An email sent out by the school said the items were purchased at a pet store.

Officials said no illnesses had been reported. The aide was placed on administrative leave, and law enforcement was notified.

Mom Lynn McGuckin said she was a lunch aide for years. She said she did not know what possessed someone to do such a thing.

"We weren't allowed to hand anything out to the kids," McGuckin said.

Her son, Zack McGuckin, was equally surprised.

"Who gives, like, children, dog treats?" he said.

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