Local Connection: Where's the Debate?

Local Connection: Where's the Debate?

By: Rick Blangiardi

It doesn't bode well for the political process when the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii has to cancel a scheduled debate for a congressional seat.

The chamber members are sophisticated business leaders and would be the natural audience to turn out for such an event. They are also the opinion leaders and are usually among the most informed when it comes to politics.

We have talked before about the need for people to engage in the process of who gets elected to higher office.

With Hawaii having the lowest voter turnout in the country, we fear that this is not a good sign of who will and will not go to the polls on Aug. 9.

Maybe the primary is still too far away or perhaps the candidates in the first congressional district are still relatively unknown to many voters.

But we need people to get interested in hearing the various viewpoints from our candidates, especially for congress. Let's hope that future debates and forums are well attended.

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