Local Connection: Lassner or Wiercinski

Local Connection: Lassner or Wiercinski

By: Rick Blangiardi

The selection of the next president of the University of Hawaii is serious business and as our coverage has indicated, there are concerns about how the process has been conducted and whether the best pool of candidates has emerged.

Regardless of what happens next, Hawaii News Now endeavored to let the people of this state know exactly what the two candidates - interim president David Lassner and retired gen. Frank Wiercinski - have to offer.

We offered both men the opportunity to appear together live on a one-hour special in prime time to hear about their vision and views. It was not to be a political debate but a friendly exchange of ideas.

That proposal was not accepted. But Wiercinski agreed to the idea and also allowed us to do a separate on-camera interview. Lassner would not agree to either.

We have since extended to both men open air time in this local connections spot to state their case in their own words before the June 2 selection. Those editorials were to air this week. The board of regents advised against it.

We apologize to the people of Hawaii. Higher education at our premier university is a big deal and as broadcasters on public airwaves, we sought to enlighten and educate you on this important subject. Sadly, you were not given that opportunity.

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