Sex obsession in the sky takes down Navy commander

Sex obsession in the sky takes down Navy commander

PEARL HARBOR (HawaiiNewsNow) - The elite Blue Angels squadron that has performed in Hawaii for years is clouded by controversy.

A former commander, familiar to many island families, has been reprimanded for allowing a scandalous culture of sex among his crews.

His own pilot call sign: Stiffy.

Some call them "The Boy Scouts of the Sky."

"In order to become a Blue Angel, we have a very strict selection process," said former commander Capt. Gregory McWherter to Hawaii News Now Sunrise Anchor Steve Uyehara back in 2010.

But right now, McWherter is facing backlash after a Navy probe found him guilty of sexual harassment.

The United States Navy reprimanded McWherter for allowing a culture of pornography and sexism after a disciplinary hearing at Pearl Harbor on Monday.

The investigation found nude photos in the cockpits, pilots wore hats with sex gimmicks, hazing, alcohol was celebrated, and a large phallic symbol was painted on the roof of one of the squadron's training facilities.

Things, the report says, one of the most respected units in the U.S. Navy should not tolerate.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page in support of the Captain has nearly 5,000 likes.

One of McWherter's fans on Oahu is sticking up for him.

"The guy has done a great job serving our country, not just anybody becomes a commander of the Blue Angels," said Alan Sitt.

"Not just anyone becomes a naval aviator flying F-18's. That is a big thing.  So for them to chop him down like that doesn't make me feel real good," Sitt said.

Capt. McWherter resigned last month and has not commented on this scandal.

But his words from our interview four years ago seem fitting now.

"A big part of it is personality and how you represent the Navy and the Marine Corps."

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