Jay talks Clarence TC Ching Athletic Complex shortcomings

Jay talks Clarence TC Ching Athletic Complex shortcomings

MANOA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Clarence TC Ching Athletic Complex on the UH Manoa campus is a sight to behold.  However, it came at a cost, as the project ran over budget, in the neighborhood of $16 million.

And it's still not finished.

Rooms on the second floor and the press box do not have HVAC.  There is no furniture, and no audio system has been installed.

UH Manoa Athletics Director Ben Jay doesn't hide from the shortcomings.

"They had to make decisions on about where they were going to spend the money, so some of the things up on that second and third level are not going to be done as part of this project" he said.

Jay has celebrated the successes of the complex, such as the completion of multiple women's team locker rooms.

"The track and field teams and soccer teams were so happy about moving into their new digs and offices".

However, he's been frustrated by a lack of attention to detail in some of the design, like the women's shower.

"It was designed to be more of like a team shower and not really individualized.  I think we've addressed those".  Privacy walls have been constructed, addressing the issue.  Yet fixing mistakes from the past is preventing the complex from having its potential realized.

"We have to look at whatever we can.  We have this asset.  We have to use it to make revenue for this department" Jay said.

He envisions renting out the field for high school athletics and other uses.  Before that happens, fixes need to be made.

"One of the things we are looking at right now is replacing this broken scoreboard and bringing in a new board to use it for rentals and to generate revenue".

Plans are in the works to replace the board, but finishing the upper floors of the complex isn't in the immediate plans.

Jay says, it's been a lesson for the school.

"It is an expensive lesson, but I think it was an important lesson for the university to go through, Because I think it has finally gotten the attention of folks that we need to change our processes, and we need to improve them for the better".

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