EXCLUSIVE: Hilo man stabbed 40 times speaks out

EXCLUSIVE: Hilo man stabbed 40 times speaks out

HILO, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - John Raghu Giuffree pointed out stab wounds on his neck from his Hilo hospital bed, as Varaha Mims, the man accused of stabbing him, faced a judge for his preliminary hearing.

Giuffre said of the aspiring MMA fighter's size, "He's the grandson of the Hulk stabbing me 40 times. Knife went into my chest right next to my heart."

Somehow Giuffre survived repeated blows, one to the head so hard, the suspect fractured his skull, and lost 50 percent of his blood.

Mims reportedly turned on Giuffre Friday, six months after the longtime Hari Krishna family friend opened his Ohai street home to the 28 year old from California.

Neighbors noticed a dark side. Michael Hargrove said he kept his distance. He says Mims "would have on bad rap music and get angry and I'd think there's another side to this guy."

Giuffree said he recently saw a change in Mims, explaining, "His girlfriend came and that seemed to trigger an emotional stimulus and things took turn for worse from there."

Giuffre asked him to leave, but Mims contacted him two days before the stabbing spree after a fight with his girlfriend. He said, "I was going to take him to hotel to cool off. On way back to car, he punches me with no warning or tension prior, and knocks me out cold."

He says Mims ran off when police came, "hollering and belligerent in rap, hollering."

Two days later, Mims allegedy attacked two strangers outside a Keawe street bar, then went after Giuffre at his house.

Giuffre says his survival is a miracle. He's grateful for prayers in the Krishna community and Hilo medical staff.

He said, "Strong guy, with all that, missed the jugular, missed the heart, he missed the face. I've always been self conscious, but I've never been so grateful to have what I began with."

A judge revoked Mims' 500 thousand dollar bail, deeming him a flight risk.

Shane Nelson, brother of stabbing victim Skylar Nelson, who remains in critical condition, cheered the news. He said outside the courtroom, "Overjoyed, extremely happy and I think that the community will feel safer tonight as long as he's off the street."

Nelson has had 5 surgeries so far. An online fund has been set up to help raise money to cover his mounting medical bills.

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