Humane Society 'outraged' that dog killer freed

Humane Society 'outraged' that dog killer freed

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaiian Humane Society says it is "shocked and outraged" after a woman who admitted stabbing her dog to death was found not guilty of animal cruelty by reason of insanity.

Andrea Fiegle was arrested on first-degree cruelty to animals in April 2013 after she called police to her Haleiwa home and admitted to fatally stabbing the dog.

This week, a judge ruled that Fiegle was not guilty after hearing testimony from a defense psychiatrist.

"This woman is guilty," said Jacque Vaughn, the Humane Society's community relations director. "The brutality that this animal suffered at the hands of its owner, who was supposed to protect it and care for it, is just criminal."

The Humane Society said Fiegle used a large knife to kill the dog. Vaughn also showed Hawaii News Now photos of the crime scene, including the dog's blood in a bathroom at the home, along with a bottle of bleach that was apparently used to try to clean up the blood.

"This dog wasn't just slit by the throat. This dog was mutilated, beaten and repeatedly stabbed, over and over and over again," said Vaughn.

The Humane Society said the brutal stabbing was witnessed by Fiegle's young daughter. The organization also asked the court to bar Fiegle from ever owning an animal again, but the request was denied.

The animal cruelty case was one of the last ones investigated by Keoni Vaughn before he left the Humane Society earlier this year.

"Out of all the cases that I've worked with in the past ten years at Hawaiian Humane, this by far as the most horrific case, and it's unfortunate that this was the outcome," he said.

"We're just grateful the prosecutor's office was willing to take on this case," said Jacque Vaughn. "It was a felony case, and their willingness to help out with that was truly wonderful, so we're really grateful about that.

The court ruling said that Fiegle would be allowed a conditional release so that she can get mental treatment.

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