Kauai Department of Water warns Kalaheo residents about water outage

Image source: Kauai Department of Water
Image source: Kauai Department of Water

KALAHEO, KAUAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Kauai Department of Water announced Wednesday that Kalaheo residents should be prepared for intermittent low water pressure and water outages for an extended period of time.

"I am very concerned about this situation and am working with the Department of Water to provide any assistance needed from our other County departments," said Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho, Jr. in a statement. "We are also reaching out to agencies outside the County to determine if other assets are available to assist. Once the problem is adequately diagnosed, please rest assured that we will do everything possible to address the essential water needs of the residents and businesses of Kalaheo."

According to the DOW, a more than 1,000-foot long shaft was damaged late Saturday night. Both of Kalaheo's water sources are out of service and the department's supplemental backup system can't meet the demand.

In the meantime, the DOW has been working with the Department of Public Works to deliver water to the Kalaheo tank sites to temporarily alleviate the water outages. The DOW has also provided water buffalos before the entrance to Kukuiolono Park as well as a tanker for toilet flushing at the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center. Customers will need to bring their own water containers.

The DOW does not have an estimated timeline as to when repairs will be made. However, the department urges residents and businesses to conserve water by refraining from car washing, turning off automatic sprinklers and outdoor irrigation systems.

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