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Arsonist lights house up in flames, catches self on fire


An arsonist is on the run, but he almost didn't get away. Police said the man accidentally set himself on fire while trying to burn down someone else's home.

"When I come in, no matter where we go, I check all the rooms, under the beds, everywhere," said Marcy Orange, of Clarksville. "It's not my home no more. I'm not safe."

All day Thursday, Orange and longtime boyfriend Mitchell Pozezinski were tearing down dangling siding, doing everything they could to save their Sunset Court home.

"It wasn't new, but it was our house," said Pozezinski. "It's probably $10,000 worth of damage. We don't have insurance on the house."

The couple said problems started when their neighbor passed away from a heart attack. For reasons they said they don't understand, they said that neighbor's two siblings blamed them and sent them a threatening text message. The couple was a few doors down Saturday night when they said they saw the neighbor's brother dousing their front porch with gasoline.

"As soon as he saw us, he lit it," said Orange. "It flamed up this way, and it looked like it back blasted on him, I guess. He was lit on fire. He dropped to the ground there. He got up and took off running down the road. He was in flames around his head."

Clarksville police have declined to name a potential suspect in the arson, only saying he's still at large.

Now, Pozezinski and Orange said they're leaning on each other for support as they continue their work and wait for an arrest.

"Now everybody's scared," said Pozezinski. "It's not right. It just changed the whole outlook of the neighborhood."

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