Movie Review: LOCKE

Movie Review: LOCKE

Locke is a compelling 85 minute movie about a man whose life changes completely over the course of a drive from Birmingham to London. And what's amazing is that only one actor (Tom Hardy) appears on camera for the entire film.
Tom Hardy gives a tour de force performance as the construction manager of a huge building project who has abandoned his colleagues and his family to make a journey that he believes is necessary to right a wrong he committed some months earlier.

(phone ringing)
Katrina's voice (Ivan's wife): Hi love.
Ivan Locke: Hello Katrina. I have…I have something to say.
Katrina: What's happened?
Ivan: I'm not coming home.

Hardy's Ivan Locke is a conscientious man who's trying to do what he believes is the right thing. I don't want to spoil anything by telling you why he's making this drive in spite of all the upset, angry, and sad voices that come onto his hands free speaker phone. But suffice it to say that for him, what he's doing is more important than anything else in his life.

Computer voice: You have a call waiting.
Ivan: This is Ivan Locke.
Ivan's boss: we have a situation here. You're the man in charge of the entire operation, but you've decided you ain't gonna be there!
Ivan: I'm not gonna turn back.

Ivan's boss and his second in command are upset that he won't be their to supervise the second largest concrete pour in Europe's history even though Ivan is trying on the phone to provide them with everything they need to know.

Boss: We're facing a hundred million dollars worth of losses.
Ivan: Let me educate you. I will do what needs to be done….I'm not gonna turn back.
Boss: Ivan, you've lost your mind.
Ivan: I have no choice….I have behaved in a way that isn't like me, but now I'm going to do the right thing.

Tonight Ivan is expected to be at home with his wife and sons watching a big soccer match, and though he has painful conversations with everyone involved, again, he is the only person we see on camera.

Son: Hey, dad. are you coming back?
Ivan: Jon, something's happened. I need you to hold it together for me. It will be a long night.

It might sound claustrophobic, but Ivan's face and the reflections of the car and street lights all around him make for a good looking film that was shot in just two weeks.
And Tom Hardy, with a soothing Welch accent in spite of his character' sadness, frustration, and ever mounting stress, is a revelation.

Ivan: I will drive straight to the place where I should be.

LOCKE should inspire would-be filmmakers everywhere.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.