Endangered bird in Papahanaumokuakea gets new name

Wikipedia User: snowmanradio
Wikipedia User: snowmanradio

HONOLULU (AP) - Native Hawaiian cultural experts are giving a Hawaiian name to an endangered bird that lives exclusively in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

The Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument said Thursday the Nihoa Millerbird will now also be called ululu. A new population of ululu established on Laysan Island will be called ululu niau.

Ululu means "growing things." The name was selected in the hopes the bird's population will continue to grow in coming years.

University of Hawaii Assistant Professor and monument Native Hawaiian Cultural Working Group Chairman Kekuewa Kikiloi says the name helps connect the birds to the genealogy of Hawaii.

He says developing Hawaiian names for species that have either lost or never had a Hawaiian name is important to honor Hawaiian traditions and maintain a living culture.

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