Large fire destroys Suisan Company office building in Hilo

HILO, HAWAII (Hawaii News Now)- Investigators are back at the scene of a fire at the Suisan Company in Hilo looking for a cause.

The building was still smoldering after a fire late Thursday night wiped out their warehouse and offices beside the Hilo Airport despite an all-out attack.

Remnants of rice bags once housed inside were visible today covered in ash. The century old Big Island business is pulling together to distribute food and produce  kept at a different location.

Demolition started to break down the walls and pull apart the roof. According to Battalion Chief Jerry Lum said, "Right now we're working with the property owner to do some demolition to the building so we can secure the building for firefighters to go in and extinguish any hot spots."

The fire broke out around 11 last night. The business employs 175 people.  

Suisan Group President Glenn Hashimoto released a statement saying, "No one was injured, so we are thankful. We are resilient and will work things out."    

The company's 33 truck fleet was not affected so there were no disruptions to fish or produce deliveries.     

No word on damage estimates yet, but the warehouse and business offices were a total loss.

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