14th Semi-annual Hawaiian Monk Seal Count

(Hawaii News Now) - This weekend, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, in conjunction with Endangered Species Day, will be hosting the 14th Semi-annual Hawaiian Monk Seal Count.  There are currently less than 1,100 Hawaiian Monk seals in the wild.

Scientists are predicting the monk seal population in the main Hawaiian Islands could double in the next decade. There are currently around 180 seals existing in Hawaii today. The monk seal foundation has close to 200 volunteers on Oahu alone to respond and protect the 5-10 seal calls per day. We need to prepare for this increase as the seals will have new challenges such as more human interactions which can lead to conditioning (like pets). Once seals become conditioned with humans whether it's for food or social interactions then we have issues. Those seals might need relocated or taken out of the population.

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