A Lanai family wants to know who shot their daughter

Girl shot in head with pellet on Lanai doing fine

Lanai (Hawaii News Now) - Nanea Palumbo and her mom Alex were feeding horses Saturday evening around 6:30pm near Kanepu'u when she was struck in the head by a pellet gun.

"I was crying at first and then I didn't want to show her I was scared or anything was really wrong before she got over emotional," said Alex.

Nanea was rushed to Lanai Community Clinic where she stayed overnight.

Her father, Nick, says a .22 caliber pellet was lodged in her head.

"Nanea was freaking out and screaming and she had blood all in her hair and you can see the hole," Nick said.

Thankfully the pellet didn't shatter the skull.  But X-rays show it did some damage.

"I would rather get shot in the head 10 times versus my little 8-year-old girl," said Nick.

"As a parent, you love your kids more than anything and you don't really realize it until something like this happens," he said.

Nick says his daughter was standing just 50 feet away from a home when the shot was fired.

He wants to raise awareness on gun safety.

"These guns are not toys.  If your child is under 18 years old, as an adult, you're responsible for them," he said.

He wants to know who shot his daughter.  But more than anything, he wants to prevent this from happening to someone else.

"Shame on that person…but for the most part, I just don't want it to happen again."

The Lanai police are investigating this incident.  But so far, the family says there have been no arrests.

Nick is offering a $1,000 cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person who shot his daughter.  Anyone with tips is asked to call Lanai Police at (808) 565-6428.

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