Queen's Medical Center West Oahu Campus set to open

Queen's Medical Center West Oahu Campus set to open

EWA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Residents of Oahu's Leeward side have been without a major medical facility for nearly three years.

That is set to change on May 20.  The Queen's Medical Center West Oahu Campus will open at 8 in the morning, giving the community something it desperately needs.

"We have over 200,000 people living out here.  Maybe closer to 300,000 and so if there's any need for emergency care, this is going to be the first stop" said Dr. Whitney Limn, the Senior Vice President of Clinical Integration.   "It's life and death in some situations.  Previously, the nearest options would be Pali Momi or Wahiawa, and for a patient living out in Waianae, that's a long travel time, it's a long distance" he continued.

Not only will the center benefit patients, but the Fort Weaver road location will help health care providers as well.

"Our partners in health in this community are thrilled that we will be opening, because their emergency departments have been overburdened" said Susan Murray, Chief Operating Officer.

The total renovation cost over $100 million.  The emergency department was nearly tripled in size, from 10 beds to 23.  There are 80 beds total, with possible expansion up to 135.

There are four operating rooms and a physician's center as well.  Additionally, at least four physicians will be on duty at all times.

"I think that's critically important for us to provide that high quality, safe care" said Limn.

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