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LGI offers expertise on Heavy Haul Trucking between Mexico and U.S.

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HOUSTON, May 12, 2014 /MM-PressAdvantage/ —

Crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. can be tricky with five 90,000-gallon storage tanks in tow. Such specialized Heavy Haul Trucking requires handling complicated logistics, according to Stephen Day, President and CEO of Logistics Group International (LGI). In the last decade, Day’s team has organized hundreds of complex equipment transports. Among them: moving five 135-foot storage tanks more than 1100 miles, from central Mexico to Jal, New Mexico.

Every year, millions of tons of equipment moves throughout North America via heavy-haul transports. The trailers that carry these shipments often have multiple wheels, some of which may be independently steered. When necessary, customizing the enclosed or flatbed trailers helps ensure safety for the cargo as well as for other motorists.

For example, the safe relocation of a 50-foot mural by American artist Peter Hurd from Houston to Midland, Texas in 2012 required a customized 13-axle perimeter frame trailer. According to Day, whose company coordinated the move, the mural was the largest piece of artwork ever transported successfully.

Another critical requirement for Heavy Haul Trucking: special permits for moving oversize loads over state highway systems. This helps safeguard both the public and the highways themselves. The federal government sets maximum weights for interstate highways, but each state decides what permits it will require. If a trucking company doesn’t have expertise in securing permits, the result could be hefty fines for the customer.

According to Day, when planning to move cargo internationally, it pays to look for a Heavy Haul Trucking service that also understands:

• Customs brokerage.
• Bridge-crossing services.
• Digital cargo inspection.

“You want it to be clean and simple—get it from Point A to Point B,” he says. “That’s why so many of our clients rely on LGI as their single-source contact.”

Ten years in business has turned the LGI team into experts on scheduling equipment, coordinating shipments and obtaining all necessary permits. And LGI clients have unlimited access to:

• Vans.
• Reefers.
• Flatbeds.
• Step decks.
• Other specialized equipment.

“No matter if we are arranging the equipment transport of a 13-million dollar aircraft engine, a $300,000 Bentley or a $30,000 pickup truck, we focus on the customer’s property, making sure it arrives safely to its destination,” Day says.

Contact US for more information about moving your valuable cargo, on time and within budget, in Mexico, Canada and the U.S.”

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