Isle troops get sneak peek at war documentary

Isle troops get sneak peak at war documentary
David Salzberg
David Salzberg

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - "The Hornet's Nest" is a front-line documentary that puts viewers shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. Army soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan.

It's not state-of-the art. It's state-of-the-heart," said David Salzberg, who produced and co-directed the film.

The 97-minute-long movie shows the war through the eyes of Americans fighting the Taliban. Several of the soldiers were once stationed in Hawaii.

"It's their perspective, Salzberg said. "It allows them individually to release what they've been through. And it allows their wives or spouses to see what they've been through, the stuff they don't talk about."

Veteran network war correspondent Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos shot the footage and battlefield interviews. Boettcher has covered the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"He's about the integrity of journalism. He's not about being a star," Salzberg said. "We all said the same thing, very simple. We want to make a film that when you go up to a service member and you thank them for their service, you actually know why you're thanking them."

Battle scenes are intense. Although graphic scenes of the violence are intentionally left out, audiences will know when soldiers are wounded and killed. Salzberg said the film is neither pro- nor anti-war.

"We're not steering left or right. We say it's about being American. We let the stories unfold and let you judge what you feel about it," he said.

"The Hornet's Nest" has been shown across the U.S. to veterans, active duty military and their families. Tomorrow night Hawaii-based personnel will see the documentary at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

"It's been a uniting film. It's been something where we have 300 people go into a theater as individuals, but they come out as one," Salzberg said.

The documentary opens in theaters next week.

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