A Molokai Aunty “lives to give” by running Aunty Jan’s House of Blessings

MOLOKAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - (Hawaii News Now) - We all know how friendly, the Friendly Isle can be with aunties who go out of their way to spread aloha at another level.  One respected kupuna in Maunaloa is starting a legacy of giving, with a thrift store with no price tags.  "Aunty Jan's House of Blessings" is a dream of Aunty Jan Pele's, when she felt there was a calling to open the store for those in need when the Molokai Ranch started to shut down and people were left without jobs.  Aunty Marilyn Ortiz and Aunty Kehau Pule have been inspired to follow Aunty Jan's motto of "live to give."

Jennifer Robbins shares her story from Molokai.

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