Surveillance video shows teen stowaway exiting plane on Maui

Surveillance video shows teen stowaway exiting plane on Maui

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - New surveillance video obtained by Hawaii News Now shows the California stowaway surfacing from the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines jet back on April 20th.

One hour after the 767 landed in Kahului from San Jose, security footage shows the 15-year-old stowaway surface out of thin air from the wheel well.

He's visibly wobbling as he tries to walk.

We showed the video to aviation analyst Peter Forman.

"For me, this is the missing ingredient," said Forman. "This makes the story believable is watching him walk after getting out of that wheel well. You can see from his walking, he's clearly staggering."

What's more staggering is that Yahya Abdi could survive the five-hour flight, in freezing temperatures, deprived of oxygen.

In the days after his unlikely story broke, pictures of the boy's handprint on the tire and marks where he climbed up didn't satisfy skeptics.

Forman said with a smirk, "This young man apparently has proven them wrong. Clearly he comes out of that area. There's no way he could have come out of the cargo department."

The video confirms earlier reports from Maui Airport Officials.

On April 21, Maui Airport District Manager Marvin Moniz explained the teen's state this way, "He was weak. He hung from the wheel well and then he fell to the ground and regained some strength and stood up and started walking."

The six-minute video also shows an airport worker find the teen on the tarmac and talk with him for a good four minutes. He had trouble hearing at first.

Moniz said, "He indicated there was some problems at home with his family."

Abdi said he ran away, hopped the fence at San Jose, and hid in the wheel well, to find his Mom in a refugee camp. He said his dad had lied, saying she was dead.

This video proves that the teen did not lie about how he ended up in Hawaii, and could prompt changes to security and pre-flight checks.

Forman told us, "Airport security is going to have to beefed up. If this young man can make it onto an airport and get onto an airplane, that's a red flag."

San Jose Authorities want to question the boy.

He returned home with California Child Protective Services over the weekend, after spending two weeks in the hospital in Hawaii.

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