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Your Week in Viral Videos: Soaring over snow; not ending racism

Paraskiing looks terrifying and fun. (Source: The Artist/Vimeo) Paraskiing looks terrifying and fun. (Source: The Artist/Vimeo)

(RNN) – The comments from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling that surfaced a week ago have turned the NBA on its head and reignited the discussion of race in sports.

Enter All Def Digital, who you may not have heard about until now. ADD, as it is known, produces various comedy sketches and videos highlighting cultural issues. The latest is an ad for the fictional No Foul Coalition, which seeks to eliminate racism in sports.

The No Foul Coalition has just one problem: It doesn't care what its Native American member has to say. He speaks up about the controversial nature of Native American mascots, calling out the Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Braves, but no one listens.

He has nice hair, though.

Come sail away

What is paraskiing? Terrifying.

In addition to that, it combines mountain climbing, parachuting and downhill skiing. The snow the people are skiing on in this video is so remote, it has animal tracks and very few signs of human life. If you ever thought riding the ski lift was boring and wanted to ski on top of the cables instead, this is apparently the sport for you.

Now we know what paraskiing is, but the better question is why would anyone think doing it is a good idea? Also, this should be a GoPro commercial.

Life is like a hurricane …

Disney never fails to make things that have good staying power. Duck Tales has fallen out of every day consciousness, but all it takes is somebody to come along and slow jam its theme song to make you go on a scavenger hunt for not only the original version of the theme song, but also old episodes.

Yes, Duck Tales has a rabbit hole.

Bring em out … and knock em down

This cannot be stressed enough, but whenever you do something that has the potential to make you look stupid, please record it, because 2 million people might want to watch it.

Dancing, in any capacity, qualifies under that guideline, especially when your small daughter is nearby and may want to join in on the fun. Just don't blast her in the face with your backside and everything should be OK.

Also not OK? Filming vertically.

Animal of the Week

Burritos are from Mexico, and hamsters are native to Syria. However, if you make a burrito small enough that it can fit in the surprisingly large pouches hamsters have in their cheeks, they will eat it up lightning fast.

If you're one of the 5 million people who watched this video in the last four days, allow yourself another free minute and watch it again.

More stuff for when you're bored

Spring football is good for two things: Getting an important player hurt in a glorified practice and letting a little kid score a touchdown. Kansas State delivered on the second one, letting a young fan battling cancer scamper for a 30-yard touchdown. Arkansas did something similar, letting a fan with Down syndrome score from 50 yards out, but it was his post-touchdown celebration that made it special.

Peyton Manning held his annual charity event April 26, and got on stage with country music star Jake Owen to sing a little Johnny Cash. Manning wore a black suit Cash would have been proud of for his rendition of Folsom Prison Blues. It's not great, and he failed to capitalize on the opportunity to change "San Antone" to Omaha.

Video of the infamous 1919 World Series surfaced recently. It's Canadian newsreel footage and there's no sound, but it still shows good game action and the oddly wonderful antiquated technology that shows how fans in New York kept up with the games. For some of the more egregious actions of pitcher Eddie Cicotte, who masterminded the White Sox's scheme to lose the series on purpose, skip ahead to the 3:15 mark.

Forget marathons, and forget the 100-meter dash. The greatest test of human athleticism is the beer mile. The rules are simple: drink four beers and run four laps around a track. The world record was set recently by James Nielsen, who became the first man to do it in under 5 minutes. He deserves a glass of cold, uh, water.

The NFL draft starts Thursday, and if no player takes a selfie on stage with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, it will be a travesty. Here to remind those players how to do it are the Washington Redskins cheerleaders, who made their own football-themed video for The Chainsmokers' song Selfie. You don't need context, but in case you want some, the original video for that song can be found here.

Since tomorrow is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you), here's old video of Darth Vader breathing for 10 hours.

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