Hilo woman in a coma shows signs of improvement

Kristen Tavares
Kristen Tavares
Joe Tavares
Joe Tavares

HILO, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - After a month and a half in a coma there are finally some improvements in Kristen Tavares' health. She is the young mother of two from Hilo fighting for her life after a failed wisdom teeth extraction on March 17.

Tavares is now breathing on her own and is completely off the respirator. Her eyes will also open, but she is not awake.

"Her eyes will open. She will move her mouth and everything but that's only because its reactions. It's not on purpose," said Joe Tavares, Kristen's dad. "We'll hold her hand and talk with her but there is no response from her."

She has also been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit at the Maui Memorial Medical Center and is no longer on life support. She is still on a feeding tube.

"We know for a fact people have been in a coma for over a year and got out of it. It's a matter of time. If God wants my daughter to wake up, she'll wake up," said Tavares.

Kristen is the fourth child in the family and the youngest daughter. Seeing her unresponsive in the hospital has been difficult for her dad.

"A father should be there for his daughter, helping his daughter, but I feel useless right now because I can't do anything," said Tavares.

Anything but hope and pray and wait for as long as it takes.

"We're going all the way until Kristen wakes up. If it takes forever, we'll be there forever," said Tavares. "We are still waiting for a miracle. We are taking everything day by day."

The family does want Kristen to stay a Maui Memorial as long as possible. There is no timeline on when to move her.

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