Hawaii's 'Prince' turns 90

Hawaii's 'Prince' turns 90

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Happy Birthday to the "Prince"!

Neff Maiava, one of Hawaii's original wrestling stars, turned 90 years old Thursday…according to everyone but him.

"What can I say?  The good lord blessed me with this age.....sweet 18" said Neff at a gathering at the Salvation Army's Adult Day Health Services Center on Vineyard.

"He's a very colorful man" noted his daughter Pam, who was in attendance.

When asked to describe what life was like growing up with such a humorous personality at the head of the household, Pam said "I didn't have any dates.  He would scare all the guys away so I wouldn't have any dates".

Apparently the apple does not fall far from the tree.  However, in a moment of seriousness, Pam said of her father: "he would tell me that anything I wanted to do or be in life, there was no star that was too high to grasp".

Pam described her dad as a big teddy bear to all of his kids.  He traveled the mainland, and various parts of the world, including stops in London, Paris and Beijing.  His family always came with him.

The Prince, as he asked to be called, still recalls many events fondly.  One match he retold was of a time in Texas when he entered the ring against a bear.

"He comes and stands up and I'm looking at the big bear" he recalled.  Neff slathered honey all over himself, and let the bear 'win'.  "He licked me all over...that was funny" he said with a chuckle.

Maiva said he is now as he was then: happy.

"I'm always happy, I never was a sad man.  18 ex-wives...heh heh heh".

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