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Maunalua Bay restroom to reopen after four-year fix

HAWAII KAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A four-year restroom fix at Maunalua Bay is finally finished. After several setbacks, the city plans to reopen the building on Saturday, just in time for an Easter sunrise service.

The team at South Shore Christian Fellowship is busy gearing up for the annual Easter sunrise service at Maunalua Bay. The church isn't renting portable toilets this year since the public restroom will be open again.

"They made it really nice on the inside in renovating it, and all the plumbing is new, which is a big difference from what is used to be. It was a hard place I think for them to keep clean, and the age of it, a lot of use," said David Riddarskjold, assistant pastor at South Shore Christian Fellowship.

The service is usually held near the restroom, but worshippers will gather in a different part of the park due to unfinished work outside.

"We're moving it because they haven't finished with the grass in that area where the restrooms are, that's where we normally have it, but because they haven't finished with that and they're not taking the orange fencing down, we've moved to the other side of that little cove," explained Riddarskjold.

The city boarded up the restroom in February 2010 due to an outdated cesspool system. Crews had to hook up with a sewer line across the street, which required permission to cross a state highway and private land owned by Bishop Estate.

"The city had to figure out some way to connect to a regular sewer system and it is unique to this area that Hawaii Kai as a whole is mostly served by Hawaii American Water system and not the regular city sewer system," said Greg Knudsen, chair of the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board.

The bay is a popular place for visitors, paddlers and other ocean users. The park is also packed for the July 4th fireworks show. During the lengthy closure, people have had to rely on portable toilets.

"Of course, people are very anxious for it not knowing why it hasn't been able to be opened sooner, but we're very happy that it finally is getting opened and it doesn't appear that any more delays will be imposed," said Knudsen.

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