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Thief caught on surveillance cam makes 'return' appearance

Surveillance video shows a man throwing an envelope into Kiana Lowe's yard Surveillance video shows a man throwing an envelope into Kiana Lowe's yard
Kiana Lowe Kiana Lowe
MAKAKILO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Last weekend, a home surveillance camera system caught a thief going through Kiana Lowe's pickup truck. Now, the same cameras caught the possible thief again, this time in the act of trying to return the things he stole.

Surveillance video taken early Saturday morning showed a man rummaging through the truck, which was parked in Lowe's driveway. It's believed that the same man went back to the home Wednesday morning shortly before 10 o'clock, about five hours before Lowe returned from work.

"(I) go to check the mail and I notice an envelope in my yard, walk over to see what it was, and noticed a letter in there," she said.

The letter contained an apology from the thief, who blamed alcohol for his actions and admitted that what he did was wrong. It also said that he was returning the items "I wrongly taken from you.

"I also will be staying away from your family and household. I am extremely sorry for my irrational actions," it concluded.

"I think what makes this worse is that he returned the wrong property," said Lowe. "So I'm sure there's somebody else out there that has property stolen from Saturday night."

Lowe said the envelope contained a pair of Oakley prescription glasses and a phone charger, neither of which are hers. Police took the envelope as evidence, along with the copy of Wednesday's video.

In the new footage, the man seems to know a camera is watching, and is wearing a baseball cap. And unlike his two-minute on-camera appearance during the break-in, he shows up just long enough to toss the envelope, which also provides a clue.

"He walks up in the video, and then he tosses the envelope over the rail. Easy toss. So I'm guessing that he's got to be a lot taller than me, maybe about five-eight," said Lowe, who stands about five feet, two inches.

Lowe believes the man lives in the area. And even though the unwitting video star apologized, it's not good enough for her. 

"I appreciate the gesture -- I think," she said. "But I do want to thank him for being the star of my home camera security.

"Turn yourself in. Face it."


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