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Bars join in campaign to reduce sex assaults by spreading 'respect'

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

There's a known link between sex abuse and alcohol. And so it wasn't a surprise for some Oahu bars, including the Pint+Jigger in Moiliili, to jump aboard a program to try to reduce that abuse.

The "Respect" campaign is part of Sex Assault Awareness Month. The Sex Abuse Treatment Center put together the awareness campaign, in part because alcohol use often plays a role in sexual violence. 

"Most sexual assaults are committed by somebody the victim knows, and that over half of them involve alcohol. So I think this is the perfect venue for it," said Alana Peacott-Ricardos of the Sex Abuse Treatment Center.

Employees at Pint+Jigger wore black t-shirts with the word "Respect." There are also signs, baseball caps, coasters and buttons with the message.

"It's definitely created a much more positive vibe," said the bar's general manager Marlon Almond. "The tables that want to hear the message that we have to bring, they're stoke about it. When I get groups of women in here, they're stoked about it because they know and understand that it's a place where they can come and enjoy themselves and not be harassed."

"In terms of sexual activity, respect is essential," said Peacott-Ricardos. "Without respect, sexual activity easily crosses into sexual violence."

At Pint+Jigger, employees will wear the "Respect" t-shirts once a week for the rest of the month, and will talk with patrons about the campaign. 

The campaign will continue through April, but organizers hope the message will resonate with patrons long after that.

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