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Truck break-in is caught on surveillance video

MAKAKILO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

When someone broke into Kiana Lowe's pickup truck outside her Makakilo home early Saturday morning, the thief may not have realized that a surveillance camera caught every move he made.

Lowe discovered the theft later in the morning, when she went to retrieve some items from the truck.

"I went to get my handicapped card (parking permit), and when I walked around I noticed that all the things in the console where thrown on the floor," said Lowe. "Kinda suspicious."

Lowe called police. And then she went to look at surveillance video stored in her computer.

The camera recorded a man approaching and getting into the pickup at about 3:48 a.m. Saturday. The man rummages around for a while, and then opens the truck's center console.

"(He) went in, scattered the paperwork. My husband has reading glasses. He tried them on to see if it was his prescription. Go figure that."

At one point, the thief looks up, but apparently doesn't spot the cameras. 

After spending about two minutes in the truck, the man tries to put the papers back into the center console and then gets out. A second camera caught him running down the street.

Lowe got the cameras about eight months ago after her neighbor was a theft victim.

"Our neighbor's car was stripped, and it seemed to be in the middle of the day, unfortunately. So when the cops did come did asked if any of us had security cameras." Lowe said she and her husband purchased the surveillance system and had it installed the very next day.

The thief got an iPhone charger and her husband's Hawaii National Guard credit card, which was found in a parking lot in Kapolei. It's not known yet if the thief used it.

Investigators dusted the pickup for fingerprints. Police told Lowe that between the prints and the surveillance footage, she has a good case.

"Maybe it will be a deterrent to other people who are thinking about checking out their neighborhoods. You never know who's watching or what's watching."

Meanwhile, if the thief returns or anyone else tries to break in to the truck, Lowe has left a note, reminding them to smile for the camera.

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