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Piedmont falling short on pipeline promises, resident says


The Piedmont Natural Gas pipeline project through south Nashville is almost complete, but before the company moves its equipment out one customer says it needs to do right by him first.

Jim Kennedy is pretty much the last man standing. Piedmont has fixed yards, paid settlements, built retaining walls and spread grass seed along the pipeline route that snakes its way through Oak Hill, Radnor Lake and Green Hills.

But it hasn't done that at Kennedy's home in Oak Hill, and now he wants to know why.

Rocks, gravel and standing water have replaced the former grassy expanse in his yard.

"We want them to repair this yard and we also want them to be a good environmental neighbor," Kennedy said. "We have lived here for 26 years and we've never had this happen. This is absolutely devastating to us, and it's an absolute disgrace."

Back in September, Kennedy led a neighborhood revolt against pipeline practices.

Then, one family near Kennedy settled with Piedmont for $16,000. And Kennedy says a woman on the corner of his street got $100,000.

Many others received berms or retaining walls.

Kennedy has professional estimates that say fixing his yard would cost $17,000.

"And they still have all the equipment, so it would take them half an afternoon," Kennedy said.

He says he asked Piedmont for the money, after all, Piedmont promised in a letter to leave things the way they were prior to the project.

But just recently Kennedy got a letter offering him $1,000, final offer.

"Why should we have to pay to fix up their mess? They have the resources to compensate people. Why won't they compensate Jim and Tricia Kennedy?" he said.

David Trusty, spokesman for Piedmont Natural Gas, said in a statement to Channel 4 News:

"We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with cleaning and restoration. We did factor into the budget the restoration of people's property. Unfortunately, because of possible litigation, we can not discuss the Kennedy situation."

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