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Hawaii voter redistricting bound by islands, commission

HONOLULU (AP) - Island geography, a politically balanced commission and dominance in all politics by Democrats means redistricting and reapportionment issues are different in Hawaii than in other U.S. states.

The islands haven't seen significant impacts from gerrymandering in a state that voted 70 percent for President Barack Obama in 2012. Hawaii has had only seen three Republicans among 21 federal lawmakers since statehood.

It has two U.S. House districts to go along with its two senators.

The reapportionment and redistricting process is done every 10 years, governed by a commission created by the state constitution.

The state's latest plan in 2011 had to be redone after the state Supreme Court ordered that temporary residents be excluded from the population base. The shift sent one state House seat from Oahu to the Big Island.

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