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Call 11 For Action: Business takes laptop for repair, stops returning calls

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Matthew St. John thought hewas supporting a local man trying to start up a new business, but after dozensof unreturned calls and emails he's starting to worry he may never see hislaptop again.

"It's very frustrating;it's a very expensive laptop. I use it every day, my wife uses it every day,"said St. John.

St. John says his laptopwasn't charging properly. Eager to get it fixed, he went online and found the ToledoTech Squad on Facebook. It's a local company run out of the owner's house.

"I wanted to give asmaller guy a chance and you know, not go to a bigger company," said St. John.

So he dropped his laptopoff. The man promised new parts and a repair. At first things seemed fine. Hesays the man kept in touch, up until Monday.

"The last thing he told mewas that it was almost completed and that I could pick it up the next day andthat's when I lost all contact," said St. John.

St. John says he's triedcalling, Facebooking and even stopping by the house, but received no reply.

We tried to contact tocontact the Toledo Tech Squad by phone, and even visited the home as well. Wecame up empty.

"I don't want to presscharges, I don't want anything else to happen I just want my laptop returned andthen everything will be fine,"

The Toledo Tech Squad Facebookpage has been deleted.

St. John says he is justhoping nobody else has their stuff stolen. He says he did file a police report.

The man behind the companycould face theft charges if the $1,300 dollar laptop isn't returned.

We'll keep you up to dateon this story and let you know if or when we hear back.

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