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Geek Beat: Anti-Social Media Apps

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Geeks are back in studio this morning and they are here to tell us about the best anti-social media apps that can allow you share secrets and even avoid exes.

Secret is an app for your smart phone that allows the user to share posts while remaining anonymous. While the app doesn't tell you who posted each secret, it does allow you to see whether or not you are connected to that person. Secret is available for free on the iTunes store.

Cloak is a great new app for allowing users to track people that may not necessarily want to run into, such as an ex, frenemy, or coworker. By connecting through Instagram or Foursqaure, Cloak allows you to see where your friends have "checked in" so you can avoid seeing them, and it is available for free on iTunes.

Three's is a new game for your smart phone but has become popular among users. Users have compared it to the game Flappy Bird for it's simplicity and how the game becomes harder the longer you play.

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